There’s NO time for THAT

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Almost didn’t write this blog today because I….c’mon, say it with me…  “Didn’t have time”!!  I wonder if there’s ever been a time in history where a culture has had less time.   Or, does every generation assume theirs is the one who had the least amount of time or busiest life?  Probably a little bit of both.   I can specifically remember having a thought that I didn’t have time to work out, BK (Before Kids) and how crazy/funny/nutty of a notion that is to me now with two young children and zillion other things going on.

So, what is it about time that we never think we have any?   I will concede that we are 1000% doing more with our time than ever before: in our jobs, our home life and even our free time (I can check twitter, read an article and respond to 3 texts on my phone…

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