Part 2 (for HR Managers): How to Become Less Dependent on Recruiting Firms

Rick(ruiter)'s Blog

Honest tips from a 3rd party recruiter on how to use us LESS….

1.  Build Your Brand

When you are in a specific market segment (medical, automotive, chemical, plastics..etc), it is easy to assume that the companies you are most familiar with are known to everyone just the same.    However, most factories and even corporate sites go far too unnoticed to the collection of professionals they’d like to attract.

While not everyone can afford a full size / multimedia blitz-style campaign (and I am no expert there anyway….), almost everyone could be doing more and there are always a few ways to spread the word on the cheap…

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do new grads from regional schools in our target degree areas know who we are? (it’s usually cheaper and easier to advertise to college kids via on-campus career fairs and distributing info…

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