Attention, HR Directors: Pay your exec/professional recruiting firms MORE (and use them LESS!)

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Part 1:  Recruiters are more valuable now than any time in the past 15 years.

The other day we found a direct hire agreement we signed with a client in 2009 (the        height of the recession).    It was for 18% and we had a good chuckle about how desperate things were that year and how proud we all were that we survived as a smaller recruiting firm.  Many did not.   We had a gritty team and great leader and we also we willing to do anything to stay alive, including take on searches for 18% (and temporary pay reductions!!).

Those days are long gone now and the idea of 18% was foreign to some of our current Recruiters and Account Managers.   What’s funny, if I’m honest, is that from a value standpoint it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.   Back then you could post a job or hit the…

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