Great Recruiters vs. Average Recruiters

What sets truly “great” recruiters apart from the average recruiters? 

Isn’t this a question that most businesses are asking themselves today, not just in the recruiting industry? What makes us different from our competitors, what kind of brand are we trying to build, what makes us different from the 1,000s of other competitors out there?

In our business, the highest form of flattery is a referral or repeat business. The only way this happens is when your candidate feels comfortable with you and trusts you, plain and simple. As you can imagine, this is a little tough right off the bat when you’re blindly calling someone. Below I’ve listed a few things that recruiters are doing to make them stand out and to make the recruiting process an enjoyable one….

1)      Explain!

I wish that everyone in the job market has had some sort of interaction with a recruiter before, but unfortunately that’s not the case. We assume that candidates know how we work, and know our intentions, and what we can do for them, etc… but you know what happens when you assume things… great recruiters have the ability to think two steps ahead and explain the reasons behind the things we do on the front end. This eases tension for the candidate and sets the foundation for building that trust that we strive for.

2)      Empathy!

em·pa·thy [em-puh-thee]  noun

the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.

By understanding someone’s situation this shows them you’re not just in it for yourself, but that you’re really trying to help them. At the end of the day, that’s what it boils down to for a recruiter, we’re here to help people find jobs.

3)      Listen!

How does one become empathetic towards another? By listening! I saved the most important for last. A candidate can easily sniff out when a recruiter is trying to sell them on something.

As a recruiter your end goal is to know what your client wants, candidate wants, and to marry those together. I would almost guarantee if you polled candidates placed by recruiters and asked them the best thing about working with their recruiter, most if not all would say they listened to them.

We believe these things are what set us apart from our competition, and make us great recruiters vs. average recruiters. What sets YOU apart from your competition?


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