Being Successful in Today’s Recruiting Market

Master These Three Things to be Successful in Today’s Recruiting Market:

Ok, I get it – there is no silver or magic bullet that leads to continued success for recruiters, especially in today’s market.  I have chosen three things, that I believe if you master, will give you sustained success, not only now, but in the future.


is an understatement in today’s market and MUST be taken seriously in recruiting – especially during these time.  It is a candidates market right now and the slightest hesitation could lead to you losing out on a candidate to another recruiting firm or losing the candidate to a direct application.  Bottom line: be aggressive, trust your gut, get people through the process and do not second guess yourself.

Master the Assessment and Analysis

This is what recruiters do, every day, most of the day.  The primary focus of the recruiter when talking to the candidates is to assess whether or not they will be a good technical/culture fit for your client.  This requires digging in and gathering the necessary information, sometimes even pushing you outside of your comfort zone to ask an uncomfortable question.  You must make sure you are covering your basis and not taking short cuts.  Without this step, you are very little, if any help to your client and ultimately will be unsuccessful.

Avoid Over-excitement

This is the main thing that a recruiter must avoid at all cost.  Honestly how many have you have gotten overly excited about a candidate and possible placement?  I know I have – and I got burnt…..bad.  In our job, if you are getting more excited than the candidate who is getting the new job, not only is there something wrong with that, there is something bad about to happen.  What happens next is you begin to hear what you want to hear to make sure the candidate makes it through your assessment (mentioned above) because you are so ATTACHED to the outcome.  This leads to offer turn downs, cancelled interviews and a realization they weren’t as interested as you once thought.  As a recruiter you must become DETACHED and be objective when dealing with your candidate, making sure they are making right decision.  Unfortunately in our industry there are a lot of push, take my offer recruiters that just want to get paid – Do Not Be That Type!

At the end of the day if you are able to master these 3 objectives you will find yourself being a success in today’s market – which isn’t easy due to the number of recruiters pulling from the same candidate pool.  Find a way to be different, stand out if you will and candidates will appreciate you – not only current ones, but ones that aren’t looking now but will in the future.

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