It’s not complicated.

Between the hundreds of phone calls, voicemails, emails, and meetings recruiters have on a weekly (and sometimes daily!) basis, it can be easy to forget (or complicate) the underlying purpose of our chaotic work day—finding the right fit.

The following is a refreshing perspective of what we do as recruiters at Aegis Worldwide written by the 9-year-old daughter of our company President.

My Dad’s Job

Written by: Karli, age 9

My dad owns his business. It’s called Aegis Worldwide. My dad is a Recruiter. My dad has a very important job because he helps people find jobs so they can do more stuff as a family like go on vacations, go bowling, and buy clothes and food. He works really hard for my family too. He is gone all day helping people find jobs. The people my dad works with are awesome! They are funny, nice, and hard workers. My dad helps pay for my swimming and soccer so that I can be a healthy kid. I am very proud of him and maybe someday I can work for him.

Reading Karli’s interpretation of what her dad’s job is reminds me of the recent AT&T commercials with the kids explaining why faster is better, or why doing two things at once is better than doing just one. The commercials leave us with the message “It’s not complicated.”

While the execution isn’t always as simple, it’s important for us as recruiters to keep in mind that helping people find the right fit is our ultimate goal. Helping you find your talent, and placing you in a job that will utilize that talent to the fullest. That’s what we do.

It’s so easy with our daily routine to get bogged down with crazy details. Thanks to Karli, we are reminded how important it is to periodically break our jobs down to straightforward terms in order to keep the underlying goal at the forefront of our minds. It’s not complicated.

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