Social (media) in a Recruiting World

Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest- The wonderful world of social media. In the world of marketing these are your lifelines. You are not part of at least ONE of these outlets- and you pretty much don’t exist.

When I came into the recruiting world a little over a year ago the words “social media” to this office were like a four letter words. Of course everyone had their own personal Facebook page, Linkedin profile and some even a Twitter account- but to get them to use it on a daily basis for recruiting purposes was like pulling teeth.

The question is- HOW do you get recruiters to use social media? Honestly, this is still something I am trying to figure out. I will say I understand why there was/is hesitation in using social media. As most recruiters can probably relate- we are very busy…and anything that doesn’t produce a direct immediate result can be seen as a waste of time. I completely get that, however, as said ever so perfectly in a Linkedin presentation: “Recruiting is art– it’s MARKETING, an in-bound and out-bound flow of relationships”. I believe anyone in the recruiting world would agree with this and what better way to start to build relationships than through social media.

As the year has gone on we have made great strides in our social media marketing. The turning point for us was definitely when that first Twitter application came in. We have reached many of our goals but we still have a far way to go. The world of social media is ever changing and so are we. They have taught me that you still have to remember to take the conversation offline and go back to good ole’ conversation- in real time.

We are slowing taking the social media world “by storm” and everyday becoming a little more “social”. So- make sure you “like”, Follow, pin and connect with us! We would love to hear how you have integrated social media into your everyday recruiting!


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