Mega Millions- What would you do with $630 million?

In light of the phenomena of Mega Millions that is taking over our country we took a poll to see what everyone in our office would do with the winnings.  Here is what Aegis Worldwide would do with $630 million:


  1. Buy the colts and bring Peyton & everyone else that matters home.
  2. Get a bodyguard to protect me from the psychos, stalkers and haters who will, no doubt, be after my millions!


  1. I would definitely keep working…on my golf game
  2. I would dedicate my life to becoming the first person to land on the moon (wait…what???  No way!!!)
  3. Open a restaurant to rival Epcot’s International Street


  1. I would buy a super nice Toyota because it is basically like a Lexus


  1. I would pay off all my debt,
  2. I would buy a house, a new car and a lot of new clothes.
  3. I would help out my parents/family with houses/cars/debts.
  4. I would set up a charity fund, most likely aimed towards helping out lower class families.
  5. But my big purchase would be to buy a minor league baseball team and just enjoy my summer nights watching mediocre baseball and coming up with fun promotions to have.
  6. I also would buy season tickets court side for the Indiana Pacers
  7.  I would donate as much as I have to, to get court side tickets the Indiana Hoosiers.


  1. Buy a 20% share of the Chicago Cubs and demand input on how they build their team
  2. Golf……every day
  3. Pay off family/friends debt
  4. Move to Hawaii


  1.  Travel
  2. Start some sort of animal rescue
  3. Buy a private island and a jet to get there


  1. Pay off my student loans and any of my family’s debt
  2. Buy a house for my parents
  3. Buy multiple houses for myself in optimal destinations: Bahamas, California, East Coast, Italy, and one here in Indiana of course!
  4. Travel 100% of the time and live life by the seat of my pants!
  5. I would have a bomb wardrobe!
  6. I would invest at least 40% of it
  7. I would donate 10% of it
  8. Oh, and a pet tiger…like Mike Tyson’s


  1. Buy beach front property in Miami, LA, and Penthouse here in Chicago
  2. I would buy a BMW 745 completely customized
  3. Invest most of it
  4. Buy new sunglasses


  1. I would do the normal- new house, car… maybe two
  2. Travel
  3. Donate a big portion of the money to local charities
  4. I would open a new age antique shop
  5. I would buy a lake house with a boat
  6. Buy a new pair of socks everyday…because there is nothing better than a new pair of socks


  1. Buy out Jim Irsay, buy the Colts & bring back Peyton.
  2. Give my Daddy 1/4th of it.
  3. Buy a house and fill it with shoes.
  4. Travel the world with Barley Barthalomew.


  1. Buy a castle in Ireland and a home in Italy
  2. Purchase IKEA and Urban Outfitters
  3. Stock my kitchen with a lifetime supply of Tomato Artichoke Soup and Banana Nut Coffee from Café Patachou
  4. Adopt 5 baby hippos (name them Sally, Walter, Edwin, Connie, and Pickles) and recreate a life-size game of Hungry Hungry Hippos


  1. I would build a restaurant that has a boy band theme and a room for each era – starting with the Beetles and ending with NSYNC……
  2. I would also buy the state’s largest hog farm so that I have an endless supply of pulled pork and bacon.
  3. I’d buy a lake in the mountains and do nothing but fish every day.


  1. Travel all over the world
  2. Buy vacation homes in my favorite places- big enough for all my friends and some of my family to visit!
  3. Share some of it with my closest friends- because it would be no fun to be the only rich one!
  4. Invest it wisely, so I can leave lots of money for future generations
  5. Donate generously, so I don’t become a total jerk!

What would you do with your winnings?  Hope you enjoyed our little fun this Friday!


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