A day in the life of a NEW RECRUIT: A long week…


It has been a long week; so long in fact that I woke up on Wednesday morning thinking for second that it was Friday. It is one thing to do that on a Thursday but doing it on Wednesday hurts that much more. It has been a pretty long week for a couple of reasons, the first being there has been some big changes at Aegis, all for the good. I don’t want to give away any company secrets but to name a few changes we are in the process of opening a new office in Chicago (get excited Tyson, making big moves!) and we have had two people get promotions (yeah Maddie and Kati, you guys will kill it!!). So with that going on, we had to move some people around, me being one. So with the move, it changes my focus to new companies we work with.

As excited as I am for the new challenge of recruiting for some new companies, it is a bit tough because I just got pretty comfortable with the ones I had been working with. When talking to potential candidates I like able to share as much with them about the company as I can, almost to the point like I felt I worked there. Now I have to learn about these new one, their company culture and what type of candidates they like, etc. Also, with this move also meant concentrating on new roles for those companies. So with the new move there was a lot of new information to take in and process. It definitely felt like a bit of information overload at times.

Another thing I have been struggling with is prioritizing my time properly. We are doing very well and have a lot of to work but my biggest thing I struggle with is making sure I don’t spread myself too thin trying to work on all of them at once.  I am not giving any one opening enough attention so that it gets it proper coverage so that I can find the best candidates for the position. The trouble is, in my head I believe that I can fill them all and want to work on all of them at once. It is a constant battle with what I think I can do what I can actually do.

The next part that has made it a longer than usual week is that, as a team we had one req (job opening) that started off as a higher priority than the rest. A company we work with was looking to have four candidates start by next Monday, so that meant that they were looking to have interviews by Thursday or Friday at the latest. However, after concentrating a good portion of the beginning of the week to make sure that we had some good candidates for the company to choose from, they told us that the four openings were put on hold… indefinitely… It was tough thinking about the time and effort I put into those openings which I could have been putting into the other openings we have. It is hard for me not to think of it as wasted time. But I know that is part of recruiting and situations like that will happen from time to time. I just need to brush the dirt off my shoulders and move on to the next role.

Luckily the weekend is upon us and I plan on enjoying it. Tonight most of the office is going to a fundraiser for the Trinity Free Clinic (www.trinityfreeclinic.org) that one of our co-workers mother works at. It is Super Bowl themed and should be a lot fun. Also, I plan on heading downtown and checking out the free Dierks Bentley concert at the Super Bowl village. I hope all of my millions of readers have a great weekend too!

Time for selfish promotion! Make sure to start following me on twitter @ronpoe1 and to check out the Aegis website to see all the great things we do! www.teamaegis.com

Ron Poe

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