A day in the life of a NEW RECRUIT: New week…


I will make this one short and sweet. It is a new week and I am excited for it. I had a great weekend and had good time at the fundraiser for Trinity Free Clinic that I went to Friday night. It turns out that I am really good at trivia! Went downtown Indy on Sunday and checked out all the “Big Game” stuff; not sure if I am allowed to say the name of the game since my blog is pretty famous now.  However, going down there and checking everything out was really cool. I highly recommend anyone in the Indy area to go down there and check it out.

I am feeling good about the week; I had some good conversations with people at the end of last week and think I found some good candidates for some of the roles I am working on. I also plan on working on ways to prioritize my time better. I still need to learn ways to makes sure I am using my time properly and not spreading myself too thin trying to work on too much at once. We have a good numbers of roles to work on and I need to make sure to give each one I am working on its proper amount of concentration. I plan to talk to some of co-workers about different ways they do it. Heck, I am sure after some read this they will volunteer a few ideas, I am surrounded by some great people! (please volunteer if you do have an ideas!)

I also want to wish Tamsen the best of luck; we here at Aegis lost her to the big city of NYC. While she will be still helping us out for the time being, I want to wish her the best of luck and let her know she will be missed. Any new hire we get will have big shoes to fill!

New week means new opportunities! Now I just hope I am able to still say that come Tuesday…

I hope everyone has a great week and you are able to check out my blogs for the rest of it. Make sure to start following my on twitter at @ronpoe1 and to check out Aegis Worldwide at www.teamaegis.com and @teamaegis.

Ron Poe

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