A day in the life of a NEW Recruit… becoming a recruiter… my first four months…


Here at the great Aegis Worldwide we had two new recruiters start last week (big shout out to Nate and Nycolle!) and seeing them start made me think back to my first couple of days and how intense they were for me.  Also, I started thinking how I have only been doing this for a little less than four months now. It is a weird feeling, part of me feels like I have been doing this for so much longer but the other part of me feels like I just started. It is kind of crazy to think back to my first week to where I am at now. I have grown leaps and bounds but at the same time I have so much more to learn.

To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting into with recruiting. A majority of my professional career (yep I said career, pretty fancy!) has been in sales (ticket sales to be exact), I was looking for and applying to sales positions. The job posting I applied to, was for a sales role with a recruiting company. It was not until the interview process that they made it clear that everyone starts out as a recruiter with the hopes that they move into a sales role.

I had worked with a sports industry recruiter in the past and even got a job because of him, but to be honest I found him a bit annoying and bothersome.  He always wanted to prep before each interview (I knew what I was doing, I am great with people!). He also always wanted me to call him after to recap everything (Again, I knew what I was doing!). So, besides that little bit of interaction I really had no idea what recruiters did or how they did it. Even during the interview process (which was one of the more intense interview processes I have been in), very little was truly discussed about recruiting and all that it entails. Just to be clear, the big thing they looked for was to see if I could be a good fit to the company’s culture (which I nailed!). They did bring up how a good person in the role is someone with thick skin and someone with a great B.S. detector because there will be people who will tell you whatever they think you want to hear. Also, someone needs to have some tough conversations with people (this was the one area they thought I might struggle with). My thought hearing those things was “I sold tickets to sporting events; I dealt with all of that!” (anyone reading this who has done ticket sales will agree). Therefore, after using my charming smile, quick wit and awesome personality they hired me and there has been no looking back.

So, four months into this, I am still learning everyday. There are days where I really love recruiting, but there are days where I ask myself what have gotten myself into.  I will say overall it has been a great experience and I hope to be involved in this business for a long time to come. So after recently learning about the new cool thing called Mini Series blogs (thanks Corri!) I thought I would spend the next 45 days (workday days of course) sharing stories, thoughts and opinions I have learned since becoming a recruiter. Plus, I thought my roommate would get a big kick out of me writing a blog since he thinks I spend all of my time online reading them (I only spend PART of my time reading them!) So I hope you have a couple of minutes each day to check it out.

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Ron Poe

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