Happy Holidays: Our FAVORITE Holiday traditions


My Mom’s side of the family is a pretty tight-knit group, and every Christmas Eve all the families get together. It’s a large family – usually 40 to 50 people show up – so Christmas Eve is generally loud, rowdy affair!


Driving around to see Christmas lights on Christmas Eve with family

Cooking/eating constantly from Christmas Eve morning until Christmas day is over. I especially look forward to my mom’s special eggs benedict breakfast on Christmas morning!


Christmas eve we always go downtown to w/ Jess’ family to this family owned hot dog stand/shop called Coney Island. It’s kinda famous in Ft. Wayne!


My favorite Christmas tradition is actually on Christmas night. Now that my brother, sister  and I are grownup with our own families, we all have a ton of running around to do on Christmas. So, we have dedicated Christmas night to replace our typical “Christmas Morning”. It is such a nice time because no one is on a schedule and we all get there, put on our comfy pjs and unwrap presents and really spend time catching up with each other. We may or may not consume large quantities of wine, too!

I am also very excited about creating new traditions with my 1-year-old. This year, I will start the tradition of letting her unwrap a present on Christmas Eve (which will be new Christmas pjs and a Christmas book to read that night)!


My family watches National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation….twice

My brother (the oldest) dictates which presents are opened and in what order – he’s been doing this every year since I can remember.


With Caroline, Lara and I wrapped up 25 christmas – themed kids books (that us and her grandparents got for her) and each night starting Dec 1st she gets to open one and we read it to her.  We also let the kids have one present on Christmas Eve (from us, not Santa of course )…


Reading Twas’ the Night before Christmas to my kids on Christmas Eve right before the go to bed.

Opening the very random gifts from my Mom which the last 5 years have been: Detroit Pistons t-shirt (not a fan of the Pistons), pair of socks, radio/flashlight all in one combo, gift card to Starbucks (never drank a cup of coffee in my life and she knows that), and a framed picture of a self-portrait my Mom and Dad took of themselves!


Once I got married, I got introduced to some new traditions with my wife’s family that I would not trade for the world.  My favorite is that the entire family gathers at one of her aunt’s house on Christmas Eve for a massive celebration of presents, great food, dancing, games, and lots of drinking!  Having grown up going to church on Christmas Eve and it being a very mild-mannered evening…this type of celebration was a joyous change and is something that I really look forward to every year!!


My family is very into our traditions during the holiday season.  Starting off with listening to Christmas music on the drive home from Thanksgiving dinner.  One of my favorite holiday traditions is going to my grandparents on Christmas day and getting together with all 20+ family members.  It is crazy and loud but I love seeing everyone together.


Sitting with the family on Christmas eve, building a fire and watching Christmas Vacation.


Putting up decorations the day after Thanksgiving while watching Christmas movies (Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are my favorite!)

Seeing all of my family at several holiday get gatherings!!


The Food!

Handmade ravioli and Nanny’s Ragu

“Fat Pills” – chocolate-dipped morsels of peanut buttery goodness

Midnight Mass

The adult version of Lego’s – being the designated assembler of all of the kids’ gifts


Coming home from church on Christmas Eve and watching a Christmas movie with my whole family and our dogs.

Making monkey bread with my Mom on Christmas morning.


Since I moved out of my parent’s house, every Christmas morning my younger sisters call me at 7:00 AM to wake me up and make sure I am on my way over to open presents.


Presents!  I LOVE watching people open their gifts!

Preparing dinner for my parents on Christmas Eve, which has become a recent tradition I have started in the last few years.  I’m so thankful that I live close to home and am able to spend the holiday’s with my family.

My mom’s polka dot cookies (cherry and chocolate chip cookies, with a little cherry juice mixed in the batter)…mmmm!

Driving to Clint’s parents’ on Christmas morning and spending the rest of the holiday with his family.




We at Aegis Worldwide wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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