We are thankful for…

  • Being able to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my entire family, especially my niece and three nephews
  • The Colts’ 0-10 record, perfectly coinciding with an Andrew Luck draft year

  • That I get to be in the same city as my sisters while they are in high school
  • That I get a break from frozen food and get a home cooked meal for Thanksgiving

  • The people that know and love me
  • My health

  • I’m thankful that my fiance’ and I have decided to wait one more year before we decide which family to spend the holidays with
  • Such a cliché answer, but, I’m also thankful for the fact that I have such great friends and family to spend, not just the holidays with, but each and every day throughout the year.

  • Family, friends, and a fiancé that love and support me. Knowing that these people are there for me no matter what is something that I appreciate every day.
  • That life has afforded me the opportunity to adopt two dogs that make me smile about every time I walk in the door. Although there are probably as many frowns as there are smiles with messes, “presents” they bring me, and chasing them through the neighborhood after jumping the fence, they are still a great form of happiness in my life.

  • That my wife gave birth to our first child, a healthy baby boy
  • The ability to make bomb white chicken chili (an Aegis #1 favorite in this year’s chili cookoff)

  • That my family moved back to Indiana and I joined a great TEAM of professionals here at Aegis
  • My first son, born April 7th, Giacomo

  • My supportive husband and my happy baby
  • Pumpkin pie and a day where calories don’t count…. that is how it works right?

  • Family- having my parents in town for the holidays!
  • Time with close friends- getting the chance to catch up with old friends who will be back in town visiting for the holiday!

  • My new baby kitty – Chuck – and my husband
  • That my husband let me put my Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving!

  • A weekend of good food and football!
  • My friends and family.  Without their support, I would not be where I am today.

  • My incredible family and friends
  • Colts coming through on their “Suck for Luck” campaign and delivering us Andrew Luck next season

  • All of the wonderful people in my life: my family, friends, and co-workers
  • My freewill to be who I am and to do as I please

  • All of the wonderful people in my life: new and old, and what they continue to teach me
  • That I can almost “legally” listen to Christmas music… come the day after Thanksgiving

  • I am thankful for having another holiday season with everyone in our family, particularly Lara’s Mom who is battling a major illness right now.  I’m going to really enjoy this one and take it all in.
  • Also thankful the Ravens SWEEPING the Steelers – once in “embarrassing for Pittsburgh fashion” (35-7) and the other in “rip-your-heart-out- in-your-own-house” fashion with a last second TD pass to quiet the crowd.

Happy Thanksgiving from us at Aegis Worldwide!  We hope you have just as many things to be thankful for this year!

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