Indiana-Based Aegis Worldwide Expands into Accounting and Finance Staffing

National Staffing Agency Announces Plans to Grow in an Effort to Meet Employer Demands in the Midwest

Thursday, September 17, 2015

CARMEL, IN – After 11 years of success in the areas of engineering, manufacturing, and supply-chain management, Indiana-based Aegis Worldwide has announced that it will add accounting and finance staffing to its portfolio.  Aegis has placed over 2,000 employees in the Midwest region and plans to accelerate growth with the addition of 25 positions in its newly-announced division.

The goal of the new division will be to connect the best and brightest professionals in accounting and finance with leading companies seeking to enhance or expand their talent in these areas. Aegis President & CEO Kirby Cuniffe, a graduate of Ball State University’s Miller College of Business, founded the company in 2004 when he saw a need to provide quality, relationship-based recruitment services to employers in the Midwest region.

“I have worked in staffing at the national and global levels. When I moved back to the Midwest, my mission was to utilize the strong relationships I’d built in my years growing up here to pinpoint the greatest needs of employers in the region and to build a company that was agile enough to meet those needs,” said Cuniffe. “Thanks to a talented staff that is as ready to take on new challenges as I am, now is the perfect time for Aegis to help in an area where our clients have indicated there is tremendous demand.”

Aegis’ client list is 200 employers long and growing. In 2012 Aegis was selected for the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies list. Though the company has continued forward momentum since being selected, company leaders say they approach success using the same simple formula Cuniffe outlined in Aegis’ early days: Be responsive, listen to your client, find the right fit for your candidate, and deliver dependable, repeatable results.

From its corporate headquarters in Carmel and additional offices in Chicago and Detroit, Aegis works with employers across the country and abroad.

“Clients often come to us when they are facing challenges trying to fill positions critical to their organization’s future. What makes Aegis stand out is that, regardless of industry, employers and candidates stick with partners they can trust to come through,” said Severin Cramer, director of accounting and finance division at Aegis. “We listened to employer needs and know that moving into the accounting and finance space is a progression that will allow us to better serve both new and existing clients.”

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There’s NO time for THAT

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Almost didn’t write this blog today because I….c’mon, say it with me…  “Didn’t have time”!!  I wonder if there’s ever been a time in history where a culture has had less time.   Or, does every generation assume theirs is the one who had the least amount of time or busiest life?  Probably a little bit of both.   I can specifically remember having a thought that I didn’t have time to work out, BK (Before Kids) and how crazy/funny/nutty of a notion that is to me now with two young children and zillion other things going on.

So, what is it about time that we never think we have any?   I will concede that we are 1000% doing more with our time than ever before: in our jobs, our home life and even our free time (I can check twitter, read an article and respond to 3 texts on my phone…

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Part 2 (for HR Managers): How to Become Less Dependent on Recruiting Firms

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Honest tips from a 3rd party recruiter on how to use us LESS….

1.  Build Your Brand

When you are in a specific market segment (medical, automotive, chemical, plastics..etc), it is easy to assume that the companies you are most familiar with are known to everyone just the same.    However, most factories and even corporate sites go far too unnoticed to the collection of professionals they’d like to attract.

While not everyone can afford a full size / multimedia blitz-style campaign (and I am no expert there anyway….), almost everyone could be doing more and there are always a few ways to spread the word on the cheap…

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do new grads from regional schools in our target degree areas know who we are? (it’s usually cheaper and easier to advertise to college kids via on-campus career fairs and distributing info…

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Attention, HR Directors: Pay your exec/professional recruiting firms MORE (and use them LESS!)

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Part 1:  Recruiters are more valuable now than any time in the past 15 years.

The other day we found a direct hire agreement we signed with a client in 2009 (the        height of the recession).    It was for 18% and we had a good chuckle about how desperate things were that year and how proud we all were that we survived as a smaller recruiting firm.  Many did not.   We had a gritty team and great leader and we also we willing to do anything to stay alive, including take on searches for 18% (and temporary pay reductions!!).

Those days are long gone now and the idea of 18% was foreign to some of our current Recruiters and Account Managers.   What’s funny, if I’m honest, is that from a value standpoint it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.   Back then you could post a job or hit the…

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